​FIXD Review - Complete Analysis

​Today in this FIXD review I will be talking about ​this exciting new gadget that has become super popular over the past few months.

​It's very unique, super useful and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in an industry where it's all too common for everyday people to get ripped off.


​What is FIXD?

​FIXD is a special type of sensor that works in combination with a free phone app. This gadget plugs into a vehicles on bard diagnostic port, also known as the the OBD-II port. Once plugged in it can scan a vehicle for over 7000 potential problems and give the user a detailed report.

​How Does FIXD Work?

​Simply plug the device into the port and press “scan”. It will take 60 seconds to complete and a detailed report will be sent directly to the app on your phone detailing any upcoming maintenance, potential engine problems, explanations about the check engine light and so on.

​Watch ​This Review Video

​If you don’t feel like reading, then check out our complete video review of this gadget below or if you have made up your mind and simply want the best deal on FIXD then Click Here:

But Wait…Will This Work With My Car Make And Model?

​In the United States, FIXD is able to work on all gas and hybrid powered cars build after 1996. And every diesel vehicle manufactured after 2008.

If you happen to live outside the US, FIXD will work on all gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicle models 2006 and later.

​Main Features

  • Super Simple To Use - This device was couldn’t be more simple to use Once you have the app installed, then simply plug the gadget into the port on your car, press one button. Then 60 seconds later the easy to read report will be ready to read on your phone. 
  • Easy To Understand - The report is written in non-technical layman’s terms. So if you know absolutely nothing about cars you will be relieved to know that everything is written for a complete novice.
  • Real Time Updates - You have the choice of scanning when you choose or you can leave the device plugged in 24/7 and it will continue to scan and monitor the health of your vehicle. And the moment there is any potential issue you will be instantly be sent a notification to your phone alerting you.
  • Demystify The ​“Check Engine Light” - Ever been driving along and suddenly you notice the check engine light is on and had no idea why, with the only option to take it to a mechanic enlighten you? FIXD will tell you the reason. You may find that you could easily fix the issue yourself like if you left the gas cap of by accident.
  • Monitor Multiple Cars - With just one app and a device installed in multiple cars, you can track each car from a central location on your phone. This works great if your kids have their own cars and you want to ensure they stay as safe as possible behind the wheel.

​What We Like Most About This Device

FIXD gives you back a state of empowerment in regards to something most people are absolutely clueless about. This empowerment is in the form of a simple scan and easy to read report which can help stop everyday people getting ripped off by shady mechanics.

This is unfortunately is a very common practice in the industry and one that can stop with a device like this installed.

We also love that it can be setup to constantly monitor the health of your car all day every day. And if there are any issues a notification will be instantly sent to your phone with the severity of the issue and an estimated cost to get it fixed if needed, to ensure you won’t pay more than it should be.

​Where To Buy FIXD And Are There Any Special Deals?

​Firstly, be careful where you purchase this gadget from as there are many cheap knockoffs being produced which don’t last long and could even deliver wrong information that could end up being fatal.

So please only purchase a device from the Official Website. Click Here if you want to be taken to a page with the best deals. The more of these you buy the cheaper they become. And if you have multiple cars, then it could be a wise decision to take advantage of these bulk savings.

​FIXD Review Conclusion

​Getting this device really is a no brainer. Not only for the fact that over the years it could end up saving you thousands of dollars. But it’s also super convenient getting notifications to let you know when your car needs servicing so you don’t let it continue to run too long without a health check.

And when the dreaded check engine light goes on, you will know if you need to call a mechanic right away or if you can wait until a better time for servicing or if you can actually fix it yourself.

FIXD is like a health tracker for your car. These days we have all types of trackers for our sleep, the amount of steps we walk each day, and so on, don’t you think it would be a good idea to have one for your car?

We definitely think this is a device everybody should have!

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