​5 Hottest Products Of 2020 (So Far)...

​We may only be at the beginning of 2020 but already there have been some outstanding products which have already been released. From the radically innovative... to ones that are so useful you will wonder how ​you could have ever existed without them.

We've ​tracked down​ and found the hottest 5 trending products!

We will continue to update this list of hot and trending products as we find more of them. After all, it's a habit of ours (well more like an addiction) to find the ​most outstanding. ​We review hundreds each month. Only the very best, that elusive 1% make the cut.

Check them out below...



​This device may sound like an extinct animal from the past but the only thing that will become extinct using it is a bad nights sleep.

Let's be serious, if you suffer from insomnia or it takes you ages to get to sleep each night, you are simply not going to be at your best during the day.

​I use to turn off my light each night and then it felt like I was going to war with all my thoughts and overactive mind. ​All I wanted to do was fall into blissful sleep and wake up refreshed...

But 30 minutes would pass, then 40 and then pretty soon an hour would ​tick past and I would be tossing and turning...and ​the land of dreams would continue to evade me.

​Finally I would get to sleep at some ungodly hour ​and I would be an utter mess the next day. Totally broken. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

Now when I turn off my light, all I do is fire up the Dodow device, and start synchronizing my breathing with the calming light ​beamed up on my ceiling and within minutes I'm ​in a deep and peaceful slumber.

​Babies don't sleep this good!

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​Lure Essentials

​We've all see those friends who get cupping done on their back and then go posting those photos on Instagram like they are some ​kind of badass. 

Truth is, cupping is an awesome way to get blood and nutrients to certain body parts​. I've ​had it ​done many times for the odd back injury or two.

But have you heard of the new trend called face cupping? ​It's been blowing up in popularity​ and it seems ​that everywhere ​I look in 2020 it's popping up as the "go to" natural way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and many other skin conditions.

​So far it has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Rachael Ray, Good Housekeeping and E! Online. 

With this much buzz, I just had to get my hands (well face) on this...

​After five minutes ​using the face cupping device for the very first time my skin felt alive, healthy and radiant. It might look weird as hell using it but sometimes the strangest things bring the most amazing results.

I can't wait to see the long term benefits to my wrinkles. Oh and also those pesky dark circles under my eyes...

Click Here To Get Check Out The New Lure Essentials Face Cupping Technology 



​Chronic pain is no joke. Whether it's lower back pain, foot pain or more seriously crippling conditions like fibromyalgia. More and more people are suffering every day.

I'm lucky that I've dodged the pain bullet so far. Fingers crossed. My other friends haven't been so lucky. And it seems as though more and more of my friends are being tortured by pain on a daily basis. 

In fact more and more people are living with pain and it's become just something they ​have accepted ​as a reality as they have no idea how to lessen or eradicate it completely.

It's sad.

​But that's where this ​breakthrough nano technology ​comes into the picture...

The Kailo device is a new type of patch that you attach to your body and it literally turns off pain signals within 60 seconds. 

I will definitely be recommending this to my friends. And if you are dealing with any type of pain whether it's the niggling type or more chronic conditions, you should definitely check out this cutting edge patch.

Click Here To Get Check Out The Kailo Nano Tech Patch


​XY Find It

​All ​those things I've lost in my life​...

From random objects such as my phone, keys (only about ​400 times) and my reading glasses. ​Then ​there were the more scary losses such as Chase (yes that's my dogs name).

​I've lost so many different things of all levels of importance over the years. Some I've never found again. ​And some things were more of an inconvenience than something that would move me to tears. And others were damn right ​near traumatic, like when I lost my Passport in Greece (still to this day I have no idea how I did that).

Lucky, I've always found Chase!

But thanks to the clever device called ​XY Find It losing stuff is now a thing of the past. ​This coin sized device attaches to just about any item which can then be tracked with the free app so it can be found in mere seconds.

Brilliant right?

Click Here To Get XYFindIt And Never Lose Anything Ever Again



​Diets, pills, potions, and exercise programs...oh my! 

​No matter what I did it always seems as though I was fighting an impossible to win battle against stubborn body fat.

I was sick of it. Jiggling around when I moved. Always there staring back at me when I looked in the mirror. Forever tormenting me when I tried to fit into my skinny jeans.

​That was until I found out that all along, with all my failed weight loss attempts, that it was my hormones sabotaging me.

​Two pills of Leptitox each day changed all that and the weight started to effortlessly melt away. Who would have ​thought that optimizing my hormones would be the key to unlock the fat burning machine in my body?!

Oh and then there is the "5 second water hack" (included with Leptitox) which you can learn by clicking the link below...

It's time to fight back against the bulge, and win!

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