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In this Dream Hero review, I will be doing a thorough analysis of this popular anti-snoring mouthguard that claims to be a breakthrough in anti snoring device technology. 

Dream Hero also claims to ease the disruptive snoring that affects countless individuals and their partners by repositioning the lower jaw to ensure an open airway throughout the night. 

But just how accurate are these statements? 

And does Dream Hero actually work or is it just another useless gimmick? 

That's exactly what I will be uncovering for you today. I will also be analyzing the negative aspects of this anti snoring mouth guard. So you will get a balanced view whether or not this will be right for you.

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Dream Hero Video Review

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Product Snapshot - A Short Overview

Here's a quick snap shot of what this device is...

DreamHero is an anti-snoring mouthguard designed to alleviate snoring by repositioning the lower jaw to enhance airway openness during sleep. It is made from safe, medical-grade materials and offers a customizable fit through a simple boil-and-bite process.

Notable for its ease of use and comfort, Dream Hero is FDA-approved and features a flexible design that suits various mouth sizes. This mouthguard is particularly emphasized for its effectiveness in reducing snoring, potentially improving overall sleep quality.

Product Specs:

- Material: Medical-grade thermoplastic
- Fit: Customizable boil-and-bite
- Approval: FDA-certified
- Design: Flexible, lightweight

How Does Dream Hero Work?

Key Technology: Dream Hero employs a mandibular advancement technology. This method involves repositioning the lower jaw slightly forward from its normal position, which serves the primary function of widening the airway during sleep. This change of mouth position can dramatically help eliminate snoring.

Pretty cool right?

This advancement prevents the soft throat tissues from collapsing and vibrating as air passes over them, thereby reducing or eliminating snoring. The mouth guard’s design includes a hinge mechanism that allows for some degree of mouth opening and closing, which adds to comfort without compromising the effectiveness of the jaw advancement.

Efficiency or Effectiveness Factors:

Custom Fit: The effectiveness of Dream Hero largely depends on how well it fits the individual user. The customizable boil-and-bite process allows the mouth guard to mold precisely to the user’s teeth, ensuring that the jaw is held in the optimal position for airway expansion.

Material Quality: The use of medical-grade, FDA-approved thermoplastic enhances the durability and safety of the device. High-quality materials ensure that the mouthguard withstands nightly use without getting worn out, maintaining its shape and effectiveness over time.

Comfortable Design: The flexibility and softness of the material contribute to your comfort, which is crucial for continuous use throughout the night. Comfort increases compliance, which means you won't have a problem wearing it each nigh. Which directly influences the effectiveness of the device in reducing snoring.

Primary Driving Force Behind Capabilities: The primary mechanism of Dream Hero involves advancing the lower jaw to increase the volume of the airway in the throat, which reduces air resistance and turbulence—the main causes of snoring.

Additional Modes, Settings, or Customization Options:

Boil-and-Bite Customization: Dream Hero offers a key customization option through its boil-and-bite feature, allowing you to achieve a tailored fit. This is essential for ensuring the device effectively holds the jaw in the desired position while being comfortable enough for all-night wear. Note: you also have the option to use Dream Hero straight out of the box without any customization but this approach won't work for everyone.

Dream Hero’s simple yet scientifically-backed approach provides a non-invasive solution to snoring, appealing to users seeking effective, comfortable, and easy-to-use snoring relief options.

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Pros Of Dream Hero (Advantages)

User-Friendly: Using Dream Hero is refreshingly simple. It's designed to be straightforward right out of the box, with no complex assembly required. For a better fit, you can customize it through a quick boil-and-bite process. The simplicity of setup and use makes it appealing, especially for those who are not technologically inclined or prefer not to fuss with complicated gadgets at bedtime.

Comfortable Design: Dream Hero stands out with its soft, flexible material that molds comfortably to the contours of your mouth. This isn't just about wearing it without discomfort; it's about forgetting it’s there while you sleep. Unlike many rigid anti-snoring devices, Dream Hero will stay in place without causing irritation or pain, making it easier to commit to using it nightly.

Effective Snoring Reduction: From personal experience, the snoring reduction with Dream Hero is noticeable. It works by slightly advancing the lower jaw to keep the airway open, which tackles the root cause of snoring. For myself and my other friends who have used this device, this has meant quieter nights and less disruption for any sleep partners, resulting in a more restful sleep for everyone involved.

Safe Materials: The safety of a product that spends all night in your mouth cannot be overstated. Dream Hero uses medical-grade materials that are FDA-approved, ensuring that it's free from harmful chemicals and safe for long-term use. This peace of mind is critical for anyone looking to improve their sleep health without compromising their overall well-being.

Durability: Dream Hero's high-quality build means that it doesn't just perform well. It lasts. The thermoplastic material used is both strong and durable, capable of withstanding nightly use over extended periods. This durability makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run, as you won’t need to replace it frequently.

Portability: Whether you’re a frequent traveler or occasionally spend a night away from home, Dream Hero’s compact design makes it easy to take along anywhere. It comes with a sleek case that protects it from dirt and damage, making it as portable as it is practical. This is especially valuable for maintaining your sleep routine on the road.

FDA-Cleared: The fact that Dream Hero is FDA-cleared is not just a formal endorsement; it also means that its classified as effective and safe. This clearance means it has passed rigorous testing and compliance checks, affirming its claims of reducing snoring and providing a safer alternative to other non-cleared devices on the market.

Minimal Maintenance: Dream Hero is exceptionally low-maintenance. Cleaning it is straightforward—just a quick wash with toothpaste or soap and water. There’s no need for any special cleaners or treatments, making it a hassle-free addition to your nighttime routine.

Adjustable Fit: The customizable fit of Dream Hero via the boil-and-bite process means that it can be tailored to a wide range of mouth sizes and shapes. This adaptability not only enhances its effectiveness but also increases its comfort level, ensuring that it can be comfortably worn by virtually anyone looking for snoring relief.

Non-Invasive Solution: For those wary of medical procedures or invasive methods to tackle snoring, Dream Hero offers a non-invasive alternative. It works externally by adjusting jaw positioning, avoiding the need for surgeries or pharmaceutical solutions. This approach is appealing for its ease of use and minimal risk, providing a simple yet effective solution to what can often be a complex problem.

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Cons Of Dream Hero (Disadvantages)

Initial Discomfort: During the first few nights of using Dream Hero, I noticed some jaw soreness and awkwardness, which seems to be a common experience among new users. This discomfort is typically due to the mouth adjusting to the new position of the jaw, and while it generally disappears after a short period, it can be quite off-putting. To alleviate this, it may help to start using the mouthguard for shorter periods during the day and gradually increase the wear time as you become accustomed to it. And then wear it for a full night while you sleep.

Fit Sensitivity: Getting the right fit with Dream Hero can be tricky. If the boil-and-bite process isn't done precisely, the mouthguard may not hold the jaw effectively, reducing its anti-snoring efficacy. So carefully follow the molding instructions. Don't rush this. It will only take 5 minutes to mold the mouth guard but read the instructions thoroughly to reduce user error.

Limited Adjustability: While the Dream Hero is adjustable to some extent, it doesn't offer the level of adjustability that some other advanced snoring solutions provide. This limitation might be a drawback for users with specific dental or anatomical needs that require more finely tuned adjustments. Users looking for more customization might need to consider alternative solutions (which are usually much more expensive) or consult with a dental professional for a more tailored fit.

Maintenance Required: Although generally low-maintenance, Dream Hero does require regular cleaning to prevent buildup of bacteria and ensure hygiene. Neglecting proper care might lead to dental hygiene issues or reduce the lifespan of the product. Regular cleaning with toothpaste or mild soap and water after each use is recommended to maintain its condition and hygiene.

Dependence Over Time: Some users might find that they become dependent on DreamHero for a good night's sleep, feeling unable to sleep without it once they start using it. This dependence can be seen as a disadvantage if looking for temporary solutions or when the device is forgotten during travel. To mitigate this, it may be useful to occasionally train oneself to sleep without the device, if possible.

Potential Ineffectiveness for Severe Cases: Dream Hero is primarily designed for mild to moderate snoring. Those with severe snoring or sleep apnea might find that it doesn’t fully address their needs. For such cases, Dream Hero may only serve as a partial remedy, and more comprehensive treatments like CPAP machines or surgical options might be necessary. It’s important for users with severe conditions to consult with a healthcare provider for a suitable solution.

Common Snoring Problems And How This Device Could Help

People who snore regularly face various health and lifestyle challenges. Being a snorer, I'm sure you are well aware of this :(

Here are some common problems associated with snoring and a balanced assessment of how Dream Hero might help address these issues:

1. Sleep Disruption:

Health Issue: Frequent snoring can interrupt the sleep cycle, leading to fragmented and non-restorative sleep. So in other words you won't enter into that deep delta sleep that is needed for full regeneration. This can result in excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, and difficulties in concentration.

How Dream Hero Could Help: By repositioning the lower jaw forward, Dream Hero can help maintain an open airway, reducing the frequency and volume of snoring. This can lead to more continuous and deeper sleep cycles, alleviating some of the daytime symptoms associated with sleep disruption.

2. Cardiovascular Problems:

Health Issue: Chronic snoring is linked to higher risks of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. The strain and stress on the body from repeated waking and bad breathing patterns can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate.

How Dream Hero Could Help: While Dream Hero is not a medical treatment for cardiovascular conditions, by potentially reducing snoring, it could help lessen the stress on the cardiovascular system during sleep, contributing to overall cardiovascular health in conjunction with other lifestyle and medical interventions.

3. Partner Disturbance:

Health Issue: Snoring can significantly affect a partner's sleep quality (ain't that the truth!), leading to relationship stress and individual health problems due to sleep deprivation.

How Dream Hero Could Help: If Dream Hero effectively reduces snoring, it could improve not only the snorer's sleep quality but also that of their partner, potentially enhancing overall well-being and relationship quality.

4. Mental Health Issues:

Health Issue: Poor sleep quality and chronic tiredness from snoring can contribute to depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

How Dream Hero Could Help: By improving sleep quality through the reduction of snoring, Dream Hero could indirectly support better mental health by promoting more restful sleep and reducing fatigue-related mood disturbances.

5. Increased Risk of Accidents:

Health Issue: Sleep deprivation resulting from snoring can impair reflexes and decision-making, increasing the risk of accidents at work and while driving.

How Dream Hero Could Help: By potentially improving sleep quality, Dream Hero could help enhance daytime alertness and reduce the risk of accidents caused by sleepiness.

6. Progression of Sleep Apnea:

Health Issue: Snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a more serious condition where the airway repeatedly becomes blocked, limiting the amount of air that reaches the lungs and causing the person to wake up.

How Dream Hero Could Help: Dream Hero may offer some benefit in mild cases of sleep apnea by helping to keep the airway open. However, it is crucial for individuals with suspected sleep apnea to seek a comprehensive evaluation and treatment from a healthcare professional.

It is important to note that while Dream Hero can assist in alleviating the symptoms associated with snoring, it is not a cure for any underlying health conditions and should be used as part of a broader health management strategy.

Who Is Dream Hero Ideal For?

Dream Hero is designed for a broad range of individuals looking to address one of the most common yet challenging issues: snoring. Ideal for adults who are seeking a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution, Dream Hero offers an effective approach to improve sleep quality by reducing or eliminating snoring.

Here's a closer look at who might benefit most from using Dream Hero:

Adults with Mild to Moderate Snoring

Individuals who experience mild to moderate snoring are those who will benefit most from using the Dream Hero mouthguard. This group often faces nightly disruptions that can affect their sleep quality and overall health, not to mention the sleep quality of their partners. Dream Hero works by repositioning the lower jaw slightly forward, enhancing the airway's openness which can significantly diminish the intensity of snoring. It's a practical solution for those who have tried other less effective remedies like nasal strips or positional therapies without success.

Partners of Snorers

The benefits of Dream Hero extend beyond the users themselves to their sleep partners. Snoring can be a significant disturbance in a shared sleeping environment, often affecting the partner's sleep quality and well-being. By reducing snoring, Dream Hero can contribute to a quieter sleeping environment, helping both the snorer and their partner achieve a more peaceful night's sleep. This improvement in sleep can lead to better mornings and less tension related to sleep disturbances.

Frequent Travelers

Dream Hero is also ideal for people who travel frequently. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry in a travel bag or suitcase, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy the benefits of reduced snoring while away from home. Whether staying in hotels or guest rooms, frequent travelers can rely on Dream Hero to provide a consistent sleep aid that addresses snoring no matter where they are.

Individuals Looking for Non-Invasive Solutions

For those wary of surgical interventions or who prefer not to use pharmaceutical solutions for snoring, Dream Hero presents a non-invasive alternative. It does not require surgery, medication, or significant lifestyle changes, which makes it an attractive option for individuals seeking simple, straightforward methods to manage their snoring.

Those with a Focus on Safety

Health-conscious consumers will appreciate that Dream Hero is made from medical-grade, FDA-approved materials. This assures users of the product's safety and quality, key considerations for anyone who is cautious about the products they use, especially for something as intimate as a mouthguard worn throughout the night.

Value Seekers

Dream Hero is also suitable for budget-conscious individuals who seek a balance between cost and effectiveness. Compared to more expensive treatments like CPAP machines or custom-fitted dental devices for snoring, Dream Hero offers a cost-effective solution (especially without the special discount we have) that doesn't compromise on performance. Its durability and low maintenance requirements further enhance its value, making it an economical choice over the long term.

Individuals with Comfort and Convenience in Mind

The ease of use and comfort of Dream Hero are significant benefits for anyone who values convenience in a snoring solution. The customizable fit ensures that the device is not only effective but also comfortable to wear all night. This user-friendly design is complemented by the straightforward maintenance of the mouthguard, appealing to those who prefer hassle-free solutions.

Final Thoughts

Dream Hero positions itself as a straightforward, effective solution for those struggling with snoring, offering a better night's sleep without the need for invasive interventions.

Dream Hero's custom-fit feature ensures a comfortable, tailored experience that adapts to individual jaw shapes and sizes, enhancing its effectiveness.

The use of medical-grade, FDA-approved materials speaks to its safety and durability, making it a reliable choice for nightly use. 

By advancing the lower jaw, Dream Hero helps maintain an open airway, which can significantly reduce or eliminate snoring, contributing to improved sleep quality.

Its portability and ease of maintenance make it an ideal solution for both everyday use and travel, ensuring users can enjoy restful sleep wherever they go.

This device is highly recommended!


The Good Stuff:
  • Works Fast: It can work from the first night.
  • Comfortable Design: After a few nights you will forget it's even in your mouth.
  • FDA Approved: It uses safe materials which is vital when you have something in your mouth for 8 or more hours.
  • Non-Invasive: Avoid surgeries and experience rapid relief.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Initial Discomfort: Your jaw and mouth could be sore for a few days while your mouth adapts.
  • Won't Work For Everyone: This device is designed specifically for mild to moderate snoring problems only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does Dream Hero work to reduce snoring?
Answer: Dream Hero works by slightly advancing the lower jaw during sleep, which helps keep the airway open. This reduction in airway obstruction decreases the vibrations that cause snoring.

2. Is Dream Hero comfortable to wear all night?
Answer: Yes, Dream Hero is designed with a soft, flexible material that molds to the contours of your mouth, providing a comfortable fit that is meant to be worn throughout the night.

3. Can anyone use Dream Hero?
Answer: Dream Hero is suitable for adults over 18 with healthy teeth and gums. It is not recommended for individuals with loose teeth, braces, recent dental implants, sore gums, oral infections, or a history of TMJ disorders.

4. How do I customize the fit of my Dream Hero mouthguard?
Answer: DreamHero can be customized through a boil-and-bite process. Simply heat the mouthguard in boiling water, place it in your mouth to mold it around your teeth, then cool it down to set the shape.

5. What materials is Dream Hero made from?
Answer: Dream Hero is made from medical-grade, FDA-approved thermoplastic, ensuring it is safe and free from harmful chemicals.

6. How often should I replace my Dream Hero mouth guard?
Answer: The durability of Dream Hero depends on individual usage patterns, but typically, it should be replaced every 6 months to ensure maximum effectiveness and hygiene.

7. Is Dream Hero FDA approved?
Answer: Yes, Dream Hero is FDA-cleared, indicating that it has been evaluated and approved by the FDA for safety and efficacy.

8. Can Dream Hero cure sleep apnea?
Answer: Dream Hero is not marketed as a cure for sleep apnea. It is designed to reduce snoring. Individuals with sleep apnea should consult with a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment.

9. How do I clean my Dream Hero mouth guard?
Answer: Clean your Dream Hero mouth guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush, or mild soap and water, rinsing thoroughly after each use.

10. What if Dream Hero doesn’t work for me?
Answer: Dream Hero offers a 30-night satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Thanks for checking out this Dream Hero review :)