Blaux AC Review - Does This Portable Air Con Actually Work?

​​This summer, there has been a portable air conditioner known as the Blaux AC that has blown up in popularity​.

​You've probably seen it ​while browsing your Facebook ​or Instagram newsfeed.

It seems to be...everywhere!

People have been raving about how effective it is and sharing their glowing praise ​for this AC unit.

But does it deserve all this hype? And more importantly...does it actually work?

Let's find out in this detailed Blaux AC review...

​So What Is The Blaux AC Exactly?

​This is a portable air conditioning unit that is very inexpensive (but be careful where you buy it as there are many badly made and potentially dangerous knockoffs circulating online) and can rapidly cool small to medium sized rooms. And with a full tank of water it can be run very efficiently for long periods of time.

​How Does ​​The Blaux Portable AC Work?

​​​The reason why this device is getting a lot of attention is because it's so simple to use.

Once you take it out of the box, you just need to charge it for a few hours (the USB charger is included). ​After the battery is fully charged, open up the tank which is located at the top of the AC and pour water into it. 

Note: The process of filling the tank is super simple and pretty much spill proof, unlike many other portable AC units.

Then you have the "difficult" choice of selecting which cooling ​mode you desire. From low to high. Then you have the even more "difficult" task of ​kicking back and letting this device do all the work in cooling you down.

I'm trying to make jokes here (bad ones I know)​ to highlight just how easy this is to use.

Some people also take the filter (curtain) out and soak this in water first before using it. This is up to you if you want to do it or not. The advantage of it is that it will likely work more effectively if done. But it's really a personal choice and works well either way.

​Watch ​​Our ​​​Video Review:

​If you don’t feel like reading anymore, then below you can find all you need to know in our ​video review. ​Or if you just want the cheapest place to buy a genuine Blaux Portable Air Conditioner, then Click Here.

But Wait…​Where Can I Use Blaux?

​​There have been many people posting online showing off all the places they have been using this AC.

Some are a bit ridiculous like a post I saw of someone sunbathing at the beach with this AC set up next to them. This is not how an air con is supposed to be used and it won't be very effective!

I've even seen people use this AC to cool down their desktop computers while they are gaming. That is definitely a creative use of this product!

Aside from the normal usage of this device like in any room of your house or at your office. Anywhere with a closed off area​ is optimal for running this device​. 

​One great use of Blaux is if you are going on a camping trip during summer. ​It works perfectly in tents ​and even camper vans.

​And because of the long battery life, Blaux can run all night to keep you cool during those hot, balmy summer nights.

​Main Features

  • ​Produces Cool Clean Air - ​​The main reason why anyone would get an AC is obviously to produce cool air. And Blaux does a top job of ​that. But it's just as important for a unit to produce "clean air" and this device also does a great job of that with it's filtering system (great for getting rid of dust) and the ability to add moisture to the air with the humidifier option.
  • ​​Mood Lighting - ​​At the push of a button you can engage the mood lighting option. This will turn on the light at the top of the device ​which will gradually rotate through various colors. This ​effect is subtle but ​really looks great at night.
  • ​Cord Free Operation - ​If you ​are after true portability, then choosing a device that can ​be powered from it's own battery source is a smart option. Blaux can run off its own battery, which is surprisingly long lasting, ​making this an extremely mobile unit.

​What We Like Most About This Device

​These days, it's rare that you get a product that works exactly as it claims.

And this is why we like Blaux. There really isn't much to this product.

 And that's a good thing!

All you should want in a mobile ac unit is the ability to easy move it around, for it to quickly cool ​you down when you ​desire and to have a long battery life.

These are the main criteria that we are looking for in a portable air conditioner and Blaux ticks all these boxes.

We also like particularly like the humidifier option.

This changes the cool air by adding moisture to it. If you have ever had dry skin or ​nasal passages from an air con in the past, then using this option will stop these pesky issues from showing up.

​Where To Buy ​Blaux A/C And Are There Any Savings ​?

​​As always, be careful where you buy popular devices such as this.

​Because it has risen up the popularity charts so fast this summer, there are many cheap knockoffs being produced. So be careful where you purchase from.

​Having said that, we have secured the best place to by legitimate units of Blaux and that is from their official Website. We always try to put together the best deals for our readers. To find out the latest savings ​on Blaux Click Here.

​Blaux AC Review Conclusion

​​​Keeping cool this summer should be top of your priorities.

If you only have a fan blowing ​hot air around in your bedroom, don't you think it's time to get an upgrade?

What about if your stuffy and hot office is stopping you from being productive?

Got a summer camping trip coming up?

The Blaux portable air conditioner is super cheap and will keep you cool at the push of a button wherever you are. It's super light, highly portable, extremely effective in even on the hottest days and nights and ships fast directly to your doorstep.

We can't think of ​one reason why you would not want to get Blaux!

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