Arctos AC Review (2022) - Is This Popular AC Just A Waste Of Money?


The new cooling device called Arctos AC has been blowing up in popularity recently all across social media. And people are making all sorts of crazy claims about this unit and what it can do. But instead of getting caught up in all the hype, let's cut straight through all the BS and discover whether this unit actually works.

I'm not going to be sugar coating my words at all. I will just present the facts and real results from someone who has actually used this device and knows it inside and out. So let's get into it...

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Arctos AC Video Review

Do you prefer a more condensed version of all the main points in this article and prefer to watch a video instead of reading? Then check out our Arctos video review below:

arctos ac review

Arctos Pros (Benefits)

With any product there are good and bad things about them. No device is perfect. But before we get to the disadvantages of Arctos, let’s first review all the benefits:

  • Works Safely - The last thing you want is to use an air cooler and have it overheat within minutes of pushing the start button. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of such models that are cheaply made and which can reach dangerously high levels of heat. Arctos has technology build into it so that it stays cool while you operate it. So you can be relieved to know that safety is a high priority in the building and design of a model such as this.
  •  Simple To Use - Within a few minutes of unboxing Arctos it's ready to use. Just plug it in, remove the filter and soak it in water and put it back. Next, fill up the water tank and choose your cooling setting (Breeze, Cool or Chill mode). And that's it! Kick back and enjoy the cool air.
  • Well Designed - Unlike other AC units that are flimsy and easily broken. Arctos is sturdy and strong in its design. So functionally it's great but it's also a really good looking model. It's totally modern and will appeal to just about everyone, while looking amazing in any environement.
  • Humidifier - One of the most annoying things about air conditioners is that they tend to dry out the sinuses, irritate the eyes and can dry your skin. All things you want to avoid in the dry conditions that summer presents. The Arctos AC on the other hand has a humidifier function that adds moisture to the air so you won’t suffer the typical negative consequences of running a traditional air conditioner like dry air and a stuffy nose.
  • Cool Night Effects - If you want to use this device at night, you can also choose the night mode function where lights of changing colors will illuminate from the unit. This creates a really nice effect on mood and totally changes the vibe of a dark room.
  • Saves Money VS Traditional Air Conditioners - Let’s be real, air conditioners are not only expensive to purchase but they are also very expensive to run. Arctos AC has been designed to keep costs low with its energy efficient technology. It will save you money if you choose to use this over summer instead of a more traditional air conditioner. So for people who want to stay cool while keeping their electricity bill low then this device could be the perfect option.
  • Low Noise Operation - Nobody wants to try to go to sleep with an air cooling unit next to them that sounds like a jet plane is taking off. Thankfully, Arctos is a low noise device that is perfect for anytime you want a nap or a peaceful sleep at night. It’s also great to use during Zoom meetings as it won’t disturb anyone else on the call (yourself included).

Arctos Cons (Disadvantages)

So what’s wrong with Arctos? I’m sure you are convinced of the benefits but what issues do you need to know about before you make your ultimate decision.

  • Unit Needs To Be Filled Up - Depending on your usage you will need to continue filling up the water tank. If you are using it all day then you will need to top it up. And for some people this can be a pain. Even if it only takes barely any time at all to fill it up.
  • Can't Control The Temperature With Exact Precision - With traditional air conditioner units you can punch in the exact temperature that you want and the unit will do it's best to accomplish this. But with devices like Arctos you don't have this degree of precision. You can definitely choose a cooling mode but if you want extreme precision, then don't get this.
  • Not For Large Rooms - Arctos works best for smaller spaces. If you want to cool down an entire house then using a device such as this wouldn't be the best option.

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And there is a money back guarantee. You can return the product within 60 days of purchase for a full refund if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Arctos Review Final Thoughts

It’s great to see that each year cooling technology progresses. And the Arctos device has kept that trend going. It’s a next generation device that is truly impressive with its advanced cooling technology.

With it’s small size it can fit discreetly in just about any environment while it pumps out cool air quickly and efficiently. The unit also looks great which is always a benefit.

So whether you want to use it to stay cool while you watch Netflix, while working at home or in the office or for use in the kitchen while you’re preparing food, this device is perfect.

As I wrap up this Arctos AC review I hope you have a better understanding of this AC unit, what it is, what it is not and why I highly recommend it.

The Good Stuff:
  • Cooling at the touch of a button.

  • Works Safely And Comfortably

  • Looks great, cheap to run and just works.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Can't control the temperature to a precise degree.

  • Not for large rooms.


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